about poke bop


Poké is a Hawaiian specialty that has cruised to the mainland and is quickly spreading across the U.S. Traditional poke (pronounced “po-kay”) is typically cubed, fresh, raw seafood – usually tuna, salmon or crab or other sea fare proteins- mixed with numerous healthy ingredients for example: cucumbers, mango, green onions, sesame oil with a multitude of sauces served over several organic rice options. For diners unfamiliar with the cuisine, think of it as deconstructed sushi. Poké Bop’s chef & partner, Tommy Hwang, is a certified sushi chef with 27 years of experience and he’s created a menu of traditional poké fare that is fresh, beautiful and healthy, available in bowl, rolls and Poke’-rittos. At Poké Bop, diners experience Hawaiian poke with a Japanese fusion flare resulting in the Supreme Beach Cuisine!

“Poké has to be fresh and we plan to use as many natural products procured locally as we can,” said Chef Tommy Hwang. “We intend to cure our fish on site and diners will be able to taste the difference in the cut. We look forward to paring our fast-casual Chipotle style serving concept with fresh quality ingredients, resulting in great tasting bowls at sensible prices.”

At our locations you can build your own Poke’ bowl or pick from one of our signature bowls. Diners can also enjoy a “Poké-ritto” which is basically an over-sized sushi roll that hasn’t been sliced into pieces so you can pick it up and eat it with your hands, like you would a burrito. We also, serve premium Asian beers, various cold sakes, champagne, various wines and Rose’ are all available by the bottle.

We designed the Poke’ Bop interior with Instagram in mind as the bowls are delicious but also beautiful to photograph. Poke Bop was also designed operationally for a heavy to-go and delivery capacity as our staff can produce a fresh bowl in approx. 3 minutes.